Thursday, November 19, 2009

I practically own Home Depot

So I've had many projects lately.I grew up in a very non "do it yourself" household. So learning how to do these little projects makes me very proud. :) Here's a peek...

An extra shoe shelf in my closet (I built it ALL by myself in one evening. It's level and everything:))

Knobs and drawer pulls in the kitchen. This is technically not "before," since I'd already put the first one in.

Align Center

My grandpa built this china hutch in the 70's and my mom gave it to me. This was my first experience with sanding and staining...blech.

You can't really tell, but it's a really cool mahogany color...

And finally, this was an antique cabinet I bought at a yard sale at Brandon's neighbor's house.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Other Ridiculously Amazing Happenings...

A Scareeeeeeeey Haunted House with Sara's roommates...I'm the orange one...
We have been going to Lumpy's downtown for the away Utah games. It's super fun- they have these giant screens up, and super comfy chairs to sit in. The food is awesome, and best of all- free Diet Cokes! I don't know why really, probably cause they think we're designated drivers, or maybe just cause it's cheap. Either way, guaranteed excellent times!

I got bored so I saturated this one. So this is apparently what we'd look like as oompa loompas. Or maybe Lindsay Lohan's tanning friends.

Utah home games!

The first time I've ever used a pattern for a pumpkin. Mine is on the left, Brandon's is on the right.
Now don't everyone comment at once-I don't know if my blog can handle the volume of comments I receive! PS I love you.

Saying Goodbye to the Teen Teen...

Last Baconater (sp? I have no clue how to spell that...)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The last 3 months...yo

Here's what's been going on (in reverse chronological order) in the last 3 months... I know you all have been wondering...
Keaton's Farewell
Brandon wanted to be taller than Keaton...

One of my favorite things....LG and Keaton wraaastling....
BYPoo Homecoming...My dad was honored during homecoming week with the Alumni Service award. We went to the Homecoming Spectacular performance.
Sara and my cousin Ashley.
Isn't he photogenic?...

Lot's of family stuff this time of year...we had an end of summer BBQ while Larry and Amy were in town with my extended family and we had a giant game of touch rugby...excellent.

Real Salt Lake Game

My sister in law Amy had a new baby in July, so my parents went out to see them in Chicago, then brought Lucy and Jane back for a week before Amy came out with the new baby. My parents were in heaven.
This is one of my favorite things my dad used to do with us when we were little...making colored pancakes for breakfast.
Swimming at my pool...

And that's it for now...:)