Wednesday, August 31, 2011

God Save the Queen!

We got to go on a fantastical trip in August to the motherland. It was wonderful to introduce Brandon to my people. We were in London for a week because Brandon's wonderful parents gave him and his brother Pat their Mexican timeshare for Christmas, but with a book of other properties they could trade it for. So London it was! I jam packed our days and we were exhausted but happy.:)

The Tower of London-my favorite! Shopping at Lillywhites at Picadilly Circus. It is my family's favorite sports store because it has rugby merchandise (especially England!) that isn't super expensive.
Locked out of Buckingham Palace:(

St. Paul Cathedral's doors.

You can't tell very well, but we're reinacting the girl behind me who spent like 15 minutes in different poses at the London Eye. Seemed sooooo amazing that I wanted to try it myself.
In a pod on the London Eye with Parliament in teh background.

The Tate Museum
On our way to Twickenham to watch the rugby game. By the time we were a few blocks from the stadium, there were thousands of people in the streets.
England vs. Wales! Johnny Wilkinson is my favorite player in the whole world. He is the one in black pointing.
We won!

Hampton Court Palace. I LOOOOVVVVEEEE Tudor history, so this was one of my favorites!

Right off of Picadilly CircusOur Thames River boat cruise.
Westminister Abbey
We'd seen the Ice Bar on the Travel Channel, so we decided we wanted to go see. It was crazy. Everything was ice. They give you a cloak and gloves and the longest you can stay in is 40 minutes. Very fun.
Not a great picture of me, but you can see the sweet ice bench I'm sitting on and all the walls of ice.
On the top of St. Paul's Cathedral.

Waiting for the changing of the guard.

Touring Buckingham Palace. We got to see Kate Middleton's wedding dress, shoes, and wedding jewels. I loved it.

Warwick Castle

I love how the billowing wind makes my butt look behemoth.
Stratford on Avon-Shakespeare's birth home.
Walking through Stratford.