Sunday, March 15, 2009

My poor baby!

So I know many of you know my little twinkie Wicky. Well, he's 11, kinda old, and we take him in every year to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. I took him in, same as usual, on Friday. Long story short- they had to extract 9 of his teeth and keep him overnight for observation. He already had 2 teeth extracted 2 years ago, so my first reaction was to ask if he had any teeth left. Turns out he does, so that's a relief. The thought of my little baby gumming his way through the rest of his life was not pretty. So I went and visited him in the hospital Friday night, he had a little doggie I.V. and everything. I picked him up Saturday morning and he's been sad and whiny from the surgery and drugs.
Then today I'm just giving him some TLC and notice the back of his neck is swollen and when you touch it, it feels like air bubbles are in his skin. So back to the vet we go! His back major chewing tooth that was abscessed (sp?) created a pocket into his nasal cavity and so it's letting air into there. Ughhhhhhh! It should most likely fix itself, but now I have to make sure his neck doesn't get crazy swollen and choke him. Fun stuff. I know I have a small obsession/attachment to my dog, and this totally blows. The poor thing has been traumatized and just wants to be cuddled all day long- which is fine by me! Done and done.
Sorry about my little self indulgence telling you all about my interesting weekend, I figured it was something new to put on this long overdue blog. HAGS!!!!