Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elephant park! favorite part of our trip now has earned its own post. We went to this elephant camp (and not to worry, it's one of the camps that treats their animals very humanely. They are like family to the people who own it and work there). First we got to ride the elephants, then they did a show for us where they raised the flag, did tricks with their mahoots, shot basketballs into baskets, kicked drop kicks and regular kicks into a soccer net, played harmonicas, and the coolest of all- THEY PAINTED!!! I'm not kidding. I included pictures of the paintings they did, and I bought the one that the elephant closest to us painted. It was such a neat experience, I HAVE to do it again!
They have these treehouses with women in them selling bananas and sugar cane for 30 baht (which is like a dollar) that we can buy to feed our elephant. So we did, and our Mahoot fed him our treat.:)
Riding our elephant through the jungle.
Our view of our ride.

These are all the paintings that each of the painting elephants did. They train each elephant to paint one type of painting, so it's not like they can just paint whatever they feel like that day. It is amazing to watch them paint. The Mahoot (their trainer) would just dip a paintbrush into paint and hand it to the elephant, and the elephant would know exactly what to do. I bought the one in the middle with the two red flowers. Oh, and the paper they paint on is made of elephant dung. Excellent.

My dad and I riding through the jungle on the elephant I named "Princess Sparkle McUnicorn". He was a very noble elephant.
Out of order, but the beginnings of my masterpiece.
The beginning of our show.
Bath time.

Here are videos of bath time, and the elephants playing harmonicas in the show.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sawadee! #1

I just had the awesome opportunity to go to Thailand with my dad for almost 2 weeks. We had the best time and I have to say it's my favorite trip ever. Here are some of the pics- I'm going to post some more but I'm t-i-r-e-d:) I hope you enjoy my picture jewels. Thailand is an amazing place.

This is the Chiang Mai flower festival parade.

You can buy birds in little bamboo cages and let them fly free for good luck.

This cute little girl was walking around trying to sell us the bag in her hand. She was adorable.

On our way to the floating market.