Sunday, May 18, 2008

Girls' night

We had a fun girls' night and went to get pedicures and ice cream. It was fun to see everyone and thanks Jess for putting it together.:)

Aydre, me, Al, Amy, Mary, Cath, and Jess. Lauren and Lindsay were waiting to the right.

Random Goodies :) It's been a while...

Brandon took me on a surprise date...excellent! We went to the Cotton Bottom for Garlic Burgers, then randomly stopped at Fort Union and walked around...where we ended up at this party store and shopped around for amazing sunglasses...We ended up with the phenominal pair in the second picture. Then we capped the night off with lazer tagging. I took 11th place...out of like 14 people. I laugh too much to be stealthy and cunning in my game plan. Anyway, we had a great time. We challenge anyone out there to a rousing game at Lazerquest...let us show you our skills:)

We had a barbcue at my teeny tiny house. For some reason I only took one picture... soooo sorry for those that came that didn't make it into my exceptionally astounding blog. Thanks for coming everyone! Love it!

The Pacific Coast Rugby playoff's was this past weekend. Highland and United from Alpine were the top 2 Utah teams, and La Morinda and Motherlode came from California to see which 2 teams would go to National's. The Utah teams won, with Highland the #1seed and United the #2. Awesome! Off to Pittsburg in 2 weeks!!!

My old manager at Laura Ashley is obsessed with the Twilight Series and got some ticket to the new book signing with Stephanie Meyer...So now I have official signed copies of the Twilight books.