Monday, February 9, 2009

Goodbye musty carpet!

I have not so cute carpet and quite possibly the worst pergo you can find. Brandon texted me the other day when some excellent pergo went on clearance at the HD, so we decided to go for it. Tax Return...Hallelujah! The most fabulous part is that I have my very own Captain Home Depot in my midst, so I have much to pay back to Brandon for his time and hard work.:) We ripped out the carpet(except in part of my bathroom- that's next on my list for redoing, and in my bedroom) and Brandon is pouring self leveling stuff on my concrete at we speak. I don't have a "before" picture, but I'll post progress as we get there.

This is kind of "before". We moved everything into my room except the TV and couch oh and the big appliances-they wouldn't fit. You can see the wonderfully classy carpet that came with my condo. S-T-Y-L-E:)

You can't tell here, but the old pergo has a hint of purple with it- I think the previous owners went for the cheapest remnants of pergo to try to "spruce up the place." Blech.
Sara giving Brandon nourishment after his hard work.
Ahhhhh, the new floor.
Sara hung out with us while she corrected papers of her Jr. High students that she's student teaching. It was a hoot hoot listening to her disgust as she read some of the answers her students gave for really easy questions.
Old floor-goodbye! Except again- the previous owners glued the pergo on top of the old ugly 80's vinyl flooring that's also glued to the ground. My! What a great job they did-super attention to detail and quality:)
Sara decided to do Charly's hair. How beautiful.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not Just a Running Shoe...

It's a chin rest, too!
Wicky has arthritis and a bad back, and has little episodes now and again when he has trouble walking, sometimes can't move, or just is really uncomfortable and in pain. We had a little bout on Monday at Brandon's house (which always just makes me a wreck with worry) and after I gave him an anti-inflammatory pill he was able to walk around again, but was whining and moving around because he couldn't get comfortable. I was busy doing something for a few minutes and looked over and he had found himself the most comfortable spot-right on my shoe. I thought this was pretty freakin' cute so I thought I'd share...

And for those of you sick with worry;), my little twinkle Wicky is doing just fine now and is running and bouncing around like normal.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Extravaganza

Brandon and I prepped for days, and our Super Bowl bash was a success...exciting game, good peeps, good eats...what more could you ask for? Oh, I can think of one...we also saw this crazy totally drugged up guy walking back and forth down the street (we thought for sure waiting for a drug deal since he did the same thing a few hours earlier and was picked up by a car, it drove around the block and dropped him off), so Brandon called the cops and they came and pulled the guy over right after he got in a car-right in perfect view in front of Brandon's house...excellent.

Keaton, Sara, Laura
Brandon and me
Sterling, Brandon, Diane (B's mom and step dad)
Emily and Brian
Brandon making buffalo wings...he made gluten free ones too for Sara:) How kind:)
Some of our delicious food.
Brian thinks it's eagle quarter...;)
Emily and me