Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photography Lessons...

Well we finally got our film pictures developed, at a wopping $50, holy cow!, and then I had to figure out the scanner again-turns out it won't work if you try to scan photos and it thinks it's scanning film. Whoops:) So here are some of the pics from my photo lessons from Brandon. Now remember that was my first outing, so I'm quite a novice-so be gentle with your opinions!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

On to Aotearoa...New Zealand!!!

Black Water Rafting through caves in a mountain. It's like Nutty Putty Caves, but with a raging river through it, and it doesn't smell like pee. You go in this teeny, tiny crack in the hill, then split between floating in your tube, hiking through rapids, and ducking your head because there's about a foot between the water and the ceiling. The coolest part is that there are glow worms on the ceiling, it's like Space Mountain at Disneyland where all the stars are on the ride, only they're worms. Very cool, and freezing!
Huka Falls...

I know many of you are like, "Okay Jenny-we get it. You went on a trip, enough with the marathon of pictures!" which is totally true, so I'm sorry but I am pretty sure this is the last post of our trip...New Zealand everyone! It's as amazing as you could possibly imagine...:)

Below is a video of the dorm at Church College that is headed by a former player of my dad's. They did the most amazing haka for my dad to say thanks from his old player Brett...awesome. My camera ran out of memory, but it was like a 4-5 minute haka, and was crazy intense...

This is our really good fam friend Dean's son Menassah playing Paper, Rock, Scissors with Brandon. I put this on so you can hear his cute accent.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bungy Jumping in New Zealand!!! Awesome!!!

This was by far the most terrifying thing I have ever done. Sara and I decided to do it together to try to muster up more courage. So we went out on the platform, after my mom, Keaton, and Brandon all went, got strapped in, and almost wet ourselves. We waddled to the edge, and the rope was so heavy I thought it was going to take me right over. Then we smiled for the camera in our half smile/half terrified out of our minds look, listened to the worker yell "3,2,1,BUNGY" and it was all we could do to just fall off the edge. Most everyone else got dunked in the river as they bottomed out on the first jump, and we asked to but didn't make it. This was amazing!

Here is the video my dad took. I couldn't figure out how to get it to rotate right side up, so you'll just have to turn your head. If anyone knows how to rotate videos, please lend me your expertise.:)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back to Tonga...

So I put a slide show on earlier, but I figured I'd put more on here before my trip is so outdated that it doesn't matter. So bear with me as I put more pictures up from my trip. Tonga was awesome. It is very poverty-stricken, but sooo beautiful. It really made me feel greatful for what I am used to on a daily basis, even electricity and running water, because so many people there don't have anything, and associate the US with what heaven would be like. It's a dream to them, and we have it so easy. It was just an amazing cultural experience...

We had to make a pit stop in Samoa on our way to Tonga...
At church...
We all bought these big clubs and started a white street gang at the market...

It was all coral and rock where you walk into the water, then about 75 yards out there are big coral rocks where the reef breaks with the water. All of us would sit out where the water came in and just get rocked. Most of us ended up with big cuts and scrapes because that coral is super sharp-but it was definitely worth it!

A sweet blue starfish we found in the shallow reef.
Blowholes on the coastline. They went up and down the coast for as long as we could see. These HUGE waves would come up and kablast the water up.
The newly re-built Tongan temple.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kaituna Cascades Rafting

We went to Tonga first, but I had this disc and thought I would share my rafting expedition since it wouldn't take that long. We went down to Rotarua in New Zealand and went on the most amazing rafting adventure ever. I love rafting in Jackson Hole, but this place puts it to shame. The best part of the trip was the 19 foot waterfall that we went over. Our group didn't tip, but others did, and it was awesome.