Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bear to the Lizzzzaakkkeee

My Aunt Von and Uncle Scooter invited Sara and me up to their cabin at Bear Lake. They have the coolest cabin right on the lake with a dock and sweet boats and everything. Excellent.

Their cabin is the brown one on the left...

Scooter driving us down to the lake with the tractor.

Everyone running from the tractor...:)

Sara, Katie and me trying to hang on...we went on a "baby" ride, according to Sara, because she's still recovering from her second knee surgery, but it was still super fun.

Allison, Von, and Ted in the cabin.

Sara and me and my sweet side boob.

Here we are just at the start of "Tan Camp."


Tan Camp continues...

Ted and Scooter

I still have pretty bad back issues, but I couldn't resist...I took it nice and easy...:)

Katie's first time ever!!!! Way to go baby time #1!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We decided to have a nice getaway to my family's property at Monviso in the Uintahs...So off we went, just me, Brandon, Wicket, and Charly. Sara and her roommate Christy came up for a night...we had an excellent time and tried our best to ward off the swarms of mosquitos...Life doesn't get any better than this:)

Brandon trying out some sweet styles on Sara's mane...

We went to Butterfly lake, where we (4 peeps and 2 puppies) squashed into a Coleman blowup boat and we paddled across the lake and tried to teach the dogs to swim. We were like 60% successful:)

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Welcome to Norway!!! We had a great time going to all the port towns and touring the countryside...excellent.

It's midnight in the picture below. I had to take sleeping pills for a few nights because I never got tired because the sun never went was weird, but a good weird:)
Keaton and I playing doubles ping pong (with one paddle) against our dad.

I found this excellent graffiti and thought Keaton would look amazing next to it.

Best trip ever!