Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alaskan Adventure!

I was lucky enough to accompany my darling parents on an Alaska cruise adventure. What a hoot:)

My dad (who has lost like 35 pounds by the way) was so diligent in his exercising. I am so proud. He's such a stud! Ow owwwww!!!

The welcome cocktail party with my Aunt Diane.
Mmmmm...delicious drinks. Pina Colada and a Diet Coke...a winning combination!

The totem park in Ketchikan.

This was in Juneau. Prostitution was huge in the mining towns, and this was in "Dolly's House" which was a brothel that operated for a long time. These roses on her shower curtains are made out of silk condoms from France that didn't work. Seriously.
Dinner in the dining room.
Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau

Sawyer Glacier. We stood in that spot for like two hours while the ship drove up the fjord. We HAD to get the best lookout spot...and we did!
Ugh. My least favorite part of Alaska.
Skagway. This train would clear the snow off the tracks.

Yukon Trail train ride in Skagway. Absolutely gorgeous.

Prince Rupert, Canada.
We are soooooo attractive:)

A great trip. Thanks mother and poogly!