Thursday, December 11, 2008


We had family pics on Thanksgiving across from the Millcreek Inn. Brandon was a Thanksgiving miracle and took them for us. We have like 200 pics, so I picked some of my faves...Then I did some quick editing on Picasa, but they will look much better when Brandon does real photoshopping to them. Anyway...They're kind of raw images right now, but enjoy:) Or just humor me and pretend...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Splendor Christmas:)

So us neighborhood homeys got together with our man meat and had a Christmas dinner at my house. I inherited some Spode china from my great-great aunt like 5 years ago and have never used it, so there was no better time than right now, eh? I don't know what has been going on in my mind lately, but I have frequent brain cramps...I set the table for 7 people, but 9 people were always planning on coming. I have no idea why I didn't count everyone who was coming, but 7 was just always the number I thought of...I'm an idiot. So Christian and Nate sat on the couch, but I don't think they minded much because then they were perfectly placed in front of the TV for "Family Guy" and the Jazz game. So we had a delicious dinner, then played a super funny game Mary brought. I just love you all:)

Al, Mary, Shane, Lauren, Cath, and Brandon...

The boys totally engrossed with Family Guy...I totally approve though-Family Guy is aaaamaaazing!

Now the peeps with me:)
Christian and Nate demoted to the coffee table. I only have 8 settings of my china, so Nate got a brilliant blue hue of eatingware...
Al and Mary prepping for the riotous game...Al was on fire!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

11/30- My birthday of all days!

Hooray for my birth! So as many of you know, I love my birthday. It is my favorite day of the whole year. The benefit of having your special day on the last day of the month is that you get to have a birthday month-then 2 weeks before it's your birthday week eve, then birthday week, then birthday weekend, then finally when everyone is ready to sock you in the face if you mention your birthday one more time---It's your birthday!
Sara was amazing and threw a surprise party for me. It was so fun and unexpected! Thanks to all the peeps who came:) (Cath, Christian, Bjorn, and Lauren came but I didn't get a pic:(...)

Brandon was supposed to call right before we got to my parents' house, but somehow he forgot. I don't know how exactly you forget to call when you're driving someone to their surprise party, but he did. So I walked in and saw Keaton, which was normal, and Brandon's brother Pat scooting out of my view. I asked Brandon what Pat was doing there, then we walked in and everyone surprised me. Sara was outraged that Brandon forgot because no one had time to hide, but I was still surprised...What a good day, and a fabulous sister!

Amy, Larry, Keaton, Brian, Emily, Poopie, Sara...celebrating my blessed birth...;)
Aydre, Kirsten, Jems, Andrea
Brandon and his bro Pat
Sara and Keaton
Casey and Pat
Aydre, the love of my life:)
If any of you follow "The Office," there's an episode where Kellie is mad at Jim and Dwight because they didn't come to her American Idol party in the summer, and Jim finds this out because he doesn't have a mug with a blue star with his face on it- and everyone else in the office does. So Brandon got me a sweet mug just like on the show, but with my beautiful face on it. Excellent!
Amy and Larry
The Bowe' family are my favorites at my job. I had Abby two years ago in my class, and this year I have her younger bro Anthony. They are my faves! For my birthday, Abby painted her trademark pony and an England flag for me, on a canvas. Anthony painted me a sign for my classroom. Oh it just melted my little heart!

Best Day Ever!!!

More family fun-time...;)

More of the little girls at my parent's house!
Little baby Jane...

Ah, a true Gelwix...this was her "funny face."

My dad playing barbies with Lucy. He used to always play barbies with us girls when we were cute:)

Emily and my dad went to Thailand, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. They gave us some gifts from their trip-and they were fabulous!
I got this completely "true to life" painted picture of Tom Cruise (why Tom Cruise? I have no idea)- and if you can't quite tell who it is- look at the bottom right hand corner and you will be reminded. Doesn't Tom look amazing? My fam is really good at buying completely random gifts for each other, ones that will make you smile or laugh every time you see it...My family was going nuts when this was revealed, we were all laughing like crazy. Now I just have to decide where this will complement my house the most.:)
Amy and Larry
Sara got this awesome hat. I have no idea why my dad bought this, but it is freaking phenomenal!
My poopie and Brandon

After my birthday party, we embarked on a cuh-razy game of Uno. We actually ended up playing for like an hour and a half. I forgot what a riotous game Uno can be.:)