Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Latest and Greatest...well...January through June:)

Chicago for Spring Break to visit my brother's family!
The contents of Jane's scripture bag...made me laugh!

Cancun with Brandon's Family!

Graduate school graduation!!!! Hallelujah!!!

 Family Time!
This baby was naughty.
Brandon redid all the sprinklers...

Our garden...

So my doctor told me I can't race anymore because of my degenerative disc disease, but this was AFTER I signed up for the Alcatraz Triathlon...I promised him this would be my last...So I ventured to California with my coworker friend Dianne, met up with my parents in Fresno, and Brandon came out to SF to see me race. Amazeballs...

First Stop: Disneyland

Next Stop: Fresno

Sequoia National Park

Last Stop: San Francisco/Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon
About to begin!

The Swim

The Bike

Post hug from Brandon...on to the run!

As you can see below, I was in a bad place in the bike to run transition...seeing Brandon was a life saver...there's something amazing about seeing people you love support you...I was happy as a clam and went on my way...

The Run

So close!

...with beautiful flowers from Brandon...
So...this was the toughest race I've ever done. I did it 6 years ago, but this time around my body has turned against me. I was heavily drugged for my back, my knee had been drained two week prior, I (and most of the swimmers) overshot the swim exit because of the strong currents which added more swim time and running on the beach to the exit, plus my wetsuit was too big (which I tried telling the place I rented it from. They assured me it wasn't.) and it choked me so I could breathe very well and had to turn and float on my back a few times to breathe, then I ended up with huge welts all over my neck from the rubbing...then my knee gave out on the last hill of the bike, my chain came off the gear on the downhill of the last hill, my right foot went numb for an hour of the run and my back was killing me until about the last 2 miles...but...I finished! That was my goal. With so many body problems, I was so proud of myself. I got really emotional during the bike and the run because my body and mind were being pushed to their limits, and once I crossed the finish line and saw Brandon, he came over to hug me and...I totally lost it! Like Sobfest 2012 lost it. Haha! So awesome. Mixing how emotionally and physically drained I was with knowing this was my last big race, I was a wreck!!!! But sooooooooo happy to have accomplished my goal:)

Now for my favorite US city...My dad was born and raised here and brought us here so much when we were growing up that I can't get enough!

Eating at Boudin
Ghirardelli...we had about two delicious bites and then wanted to throw up...soooo rich. We do that every time too. You'd think we'd learn our lesson!
My favorite store!!!!