Sunday, January 18, 2009

An ode to 2008 yo

So I don't have anything exciting going on, so I thought I'd go the route of reflecting on the past turned out kinda long because I couldn't decide on one picture for each thing, so if you pass out from boredom trying to look through the year, it won't hurt my feelings. I had a great 2008, here's to '09!

Brandon's 28th Bday at the Snowbird condo...

Valentine's Day

A VERY cute couple...rather charming really...
Skiing with the girls:)



Salt Lake 5K with the fam:)

Rugby nationals in Pittsburgh...



New Zealand

Sara and I were back at the Snow Cone shack...excellent:)

Brandon gave me photography lessons. I thought I did alright...

Pioneers of Progress Award-for Big Lar. Who doesn't need a giant life size poster of their face? We will rent it out for parties for a small fee...

Camping in the Uintah's...

Brandon getting a ticket for fishing without a license...woooops!

You Tube Commercial for Forever Strong...If you still want to see it, type in "Rugby vs. Badminton" on You Tube.

Bear Lake
Me, Aydre, and Sara...we're pretty cute...

Chicago to visit Larry, Amy, and the baby girls:)

Lucy, Jane, and I went on an adventure to find the Patagonia store. The girls were very good while I shopped around, and Lucy was so good that they gave her a sticker:)

Forever Strong Premiere-New York City:)

A sweet afterparty on the roof of a posh hotel in Chelsea.
With Penn Badgley
My two dad's-Gary Cole and Big Lar

Keaton playing SKYLINE FOOOOOOOTBALL. Our little baby Keaton:)


Puerto Rico

Utah Football! Hazzzzaaaaaahhhh!

Gelwix Family Pics

Happy 27th to me!

Merry Christmas!

Las Vegas to see "O"

Off to New Orleans to see the Utes kablast Alabama in the Sugar Bowl... I know this game was in January '09, but we started the trip in December so I figure it still counts:)
A fabulous year:)