Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Quick Stop...

My dad and I took a brief layover trip into San Francisco. It's always fun to go because he grew up here and knows his way around, has great little hole in the wall places to go, knows the city's history, and has amazing stories from when he lived here. We had a kablast of a good time.:)

Having a delicious hot fudge sundae at Ghirardelli Square.

Ocean Beach
He went to this beach a ton as a kid and teenager, so it's always fun for us to come with him.
Right outside of Golden Gate Park.

...and on we go to the next stop:)...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

30 is pretty old if you ask me...

Brandon's big day was a hoot this year. We went up to the condo at Snowbird and had a great day on the mountain. Then I tricked him and made him come down the canyon to walk our dogs, and when we got back there was a magnificent surprise party there to greet him. The best part is that like two weeks ago he told me I couldn't surprise him with anything, he's too good. But he was shocked when he walked in, so ha! Take that you old wasian!

We just keep getting better and better looking as the pictures go on...;)

Brandon and his cousin Chris (also a marvelous wasian:)). Chris's birthday is the day before Brandon's. They have a picture from 1985 where they both had a birthday cake and celebrated it together, so this is them recreating their picture.

We gave Pat a trip to Las Vegas and a Cirque de Soliel show, so he returned the favor with a rafting trip in Moab...and Brandon can bring a guest, which = me!
My crafting skills hard at work.
This is one of my gifts to Brandon. I like to paint, so I painted us. I'm just an amateur so be nice:)