Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rugby Nationals Day 2...Champions!

Highland won their 20th national championship. My dad will retire with a varsity record of 418 wins and 10 losses...not too shabby. We were a little nervous because the boys seemed a little tentative in the first half, but they pulled it together for the second half to send my dad out on a win. An amazing end to an amazing volunteer career:)

That's my bedazzled sign in the background. Apparently it made it onto the sports segment on channel 2 that night.

My dad's brother Tom drove down from Idaho to come to the game.

The team and alumni did a haka for my dad to honor him.

Highland haka-ing United after the game and Highland/alumni haka-ing my parents.

Rugby Nationals Day 1

Friday was the start of a bittersweet weekend. This is the final year of coaching for my dad. He's coached Highland Rugby for 36 years and is retiring so he and my mom can go be mission presidents in Fresno. Our family has been reminiscing about all of our memories from rugby. A lot of my childhood was spent in some sort of rugby related event. I've seen my dad behind the scenes when no one else is looking and all the time and energy he put into the team and the boys. It's been an amazing ride for us. I don't know what I'll do next spring when Highland Rugby isn't a part of my family. It's all I've ever known so it will be weird to not have that. I love my dad so much and am so grateful for what he's taught me about hard work and selflessness. Thanks dad:)

Numba one fans!

I have the most incredible dad:)
There was a dinner for my dad on Friday night honor him and his storied career. Pretty emotional.

The fam minus Keaton.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pat's Marathon

What a fun race day. Brandon's mom and I ran the Salt Lake 5K. Champions? Yes. His brother, Pat, ran the marathon. He was excellent and we are soooooo proud.

Early morning before the races. What...a beauty.
Waiting for Pat to run by on 5th East and 2700 South. We had a hoot of a time cheering the athletes on.
Yay! He's alive!
Gloriously good looking.

Almost there!

Brandon was a very sweet older brother and ran Pat in, but forgot he had a mug in his hand and spilled everywhere.