Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rugby season...I love you:)

For the 29th time in my life, high school rugby season has come and I'm loving it! This probably isn't a super exciting post for anyone else, but this is one of my favorite things ever! Nationals this year are at Rio Tinto-so you should all come out the 3rd weekend of May. :)

Best dad/coach in the whole world!
I tried to study for my entrance exam to graduate school...I was only mildly successful.

Playing the Montana state champions, Iron Horse, at Rio Tinto.
My dad and the boys at Murray City Park playing East High School out of Denver.
My cousins and Sara...
Selling HR merchandise with our friend Stacy Voelzke.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I decided to add on to this post...So Jane and I went on an adventure in the mini van to our favorite store. Jane was a sassy dream come true in the store, she loved going to the clothes and saying how cute they were. We had so much fun, and I kept the Barbie fruit snacks coming!

Larry and Amy's friends had an Easter egg cute!

Because of my amazing parents, I got to take a last minute trip to Chicago during my spring break to visit my brother's family. We are having an ooooodalolly good time!

Annie and Lucy

Lucy and Jane
Skyping Nana and Papa (my mom and dad)

Make up time!

Don't I look gorgeous?
Then Lucy had to show me how she can ride a two wheeler now, so we went on a walk so she could show off:)