Sunday, September 21, 2008

NYC-Forever Strong Premiere:)

Our family got to go to New York City to the premiere of the rugby movie "Forever Strong" that was made about Highland Rugby. We stayed at the Mariott Marquis in Times Square (which was awesome because we always stay at dumpy hotels cause we are never actually at the hotel except to sleep when our family travels) and had drivers take us to and from the premiere.The fam (minus LG&Amy) on the deck of the afterparty. The Empire State Building is the the left of my dad's ear.

Gary Cole is the coolest guy. Sara, Emily, Keaton, and I were just sitting on the couches at the party and we had talked to him previously in the night, but he came up, asked if he could sit with us, and talked to us for like the next half hour. He is super down to earth and just a really genuine guy.
Emily, Me
Sara, Keaton, Me
Gelwix's, the actors, producers, writer, director- all the peeps:)
"Larry Gelwix" and the real LG
Gary and me
Emily, Me, Penn Badgley (from "Gossip Girl" and he also brought his girlfriend Blake Lively who is in Gossip Girl and those "Traveling Pants" movies) Sara, Keaton
The movie opens nationwide this Friday, September 26th. The team has been a huge part of my family since before I was born, so it's really cool to see this all happen for my dad. If any of you can, it would be awesome if you'd go see it. It's a good movie, and you'll get a cameo of big Lar as the ref in the final game-which I know is the clicher for all of you! Go see it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4 Wheeling Frenzy...

Brandon and I had an off-the-hizzie 4 wheeling trip in Manti with his Aunt Keiko and Uncle Russ. We went riding for most of the day, had a scenic lunch at the top of the mountains, and just had fabulous bonding moments:)... and I fried my face again for the second week in a row. Keiko got some sweet pics of us going through some water up to the headlights, so I will post those later when I get them. I know you all will be on the edge of your seats to see them...:)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Go Utes!

We are sooooo excited for the football season! Brandon and I couldn't find any relatively cheap seats anywhere, so at the last minute we got some MUSS guest season tickets that we could afford. So we knew they wouldn't be very good cause we got them so late, but on Saturday we probably burned like a thousand calories hiking up to our seats to discover that our seats are on the very last row of the stadium! Our noses were bleeding through the entire game:) Actually the view isn't so bad, and the silver lining to our hilarous seating arrangement is that we now have permanent back rests! The back wall! I love football season, it's such a great time of year don't you think?:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I went to visit my brother Larry, sister-in-law Amy, and their two daughters Lucy and Jane, in Chicago over Labor Day weekend. We went downtown to Navy Pier and strolled around, and took a water taxi through the river. I babysat on Sat. and Sun. and the girls and I took a kick-A ride in the minivan to my fav store Patagonia. Turns out the minivan was freakin sweet cause it had a navigation system, which totally rocked and let me explore a little with the wee ones. I had a fabulous time and thanks Lar and Amy for letting me crash!