Monday, July 18, 2011


Brandon had a few days off in a row, so we ventured up to Strawberry Reservoir for a camping extravaganza. Brandon planned everything, got everything ready and set up, and all I had to do was show up. It was awesome. He is an amazing wasian! We camped at Aspen Grove and went down the street to the reservoir-the water is insanely high!

We took our rafts out and Brandon fished while I read on my floaty raft. It was beautiful:)

Check out the view!
Making our way out in the lake. There were huge pelicans everywhere. I thought maybe they would come peck me to death, but turns out they didn't. Relief.
I am a rowing goddess.
I have to add that this was the very first time EVER that Brandon let me put sunscreen all over his body. We have always had a struggle putting ANY sunscreen on him. He thinks because he's an Asian sensation that he doesn't need it. I usually only get to put it on his face and maybe on his shoulders, and he usually doesn't let me do anything above SPF8. This time, while he had a sad baby face on, he let me put SPF30 on his whole body. I say "let me put" because he won't put it like a mother and child, he stood still while I applied sunscreen on his body! It was a crowning moment of achievement for me!!! And...probably funny to watch for everyone around us. Afterwards, he got a little red, so he was actually grateful that I put it on him cause he would have FRIIIEEEEDDD otherwise. You're welcome.;)

Brandon's incredible fire skills...I made our favorite dutch over stroaganoff and cobbler...we were in heaven.

Two of my students on the last day of school gave me these if it was 2003 and I was a rapper, you'd be pprreeettttyyyy impressed.

Our fishing extravaganza! We rented a dumpy fishing boat and went out early (too early for my liking!) to catch our little swimmy friends...

Very manly.Wicky and Charly had not had their second sleep (their routine nap right after they wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom. They are verrrry sleepy dogs!) and it was a little cold. So we made a very nice snuggle spot in the front of the boat where they cuddled for most of the adventure.

We are best friends!
They are best friends!
My babies!

So after like 5 hours of nothing biting, we had a fabulous time and had to take the boat back in. So Brandon decided to go back slowly and troll (sp?) while we went in...and that's when he caught his big fish! He caught a Kokanee salmon, and I had a little bit of a PETA moment and freaked out and told him to throw it back, but then I recovered and he kept it and made a delicious dinner that night.I love this pic of him. He was so excited :)