Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poinsettia Bowl!

My dad took a group to the Poinsettia Bowl, and he got to take Sara and me along. Sweeeeeet! So we took a quick 2 day trip to San Diego and got to spend some quality Gelwix holiday cheer time together. Gelwix time+Utes' win=Excelllllllllent!

I bought those bows for Charly(Brandon's dog) but I think they are much more beautiful on my poopie. Very becoming!
We got to the stadium like 2 hours early, which explains oooooool the empty seats.

The Utes' first touchdown:) Number 81(Moeai) just caught the ball
Every first down my dad would do his over the top signal.

Some Cal fans lit a paper garbage can on fire. Excellent!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Most Glorious Day of the Year+The Happiest Place on Earth=Magical

Yay!!!! Birthday celebration in Disneyland!!! I signed up like a year ago for the free entry on your birthday, and boy was it princess-tastic! We went for 2 days and it was glorious. We barely had to wait in lines too, 5-10 minutes for most, 20 minutes for Space Mountain was the longest we waited. It was perfect weather, and the perfect day.:)

Birthday dinner at the Blue Bayou...(the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride).

Sara ate like 7 pounds of cotton candy- she looovvveeessss it!

Emily cried on this ride. She hates droppy rides, but we made her go on the Tower of Terror...She swears she didn't cry but I looked over and she was sobbing saying "I hate this!" It was pretty funny.:)
It's hard to tell which one of us is the princess...
Turkey legs for dinner one night...delicious!

Until we meet again Dizzzzlanzzzz...I miss you already...

An oldy but goody:)

To celebrate the 28th anniversary of my glorious arrival, we went to La Frontera for delicious cheap Mexican food, then went to see "New Moon," which was a total disappointment-in fact I would say I hated it. Buuuuttttt....we still had a grand ol' time.:)
My presents from my parents...

I got a messenger bag for traveling...I ordered it, then my mom paid me back and wrapped it for me.:)
Pink heels...excellent!Brandon told me a long time ago that he was making my birthday present and I wasn't allowed in his house because he was still working on it and it was out in the open. Turns out he totally tricked me. I didn't have a computer, and a while ago we were at Costco buying some random stuff and we went over to the computer section and started playing with computers and I was telling him what I liked and didn't like about the layout of certain computers(since I really don't have a clue when it comes to a computer's make up and capabilities). Turns out he did that on purpose, and he presented me with an orange leaf bag full of newspapers. I had no clue what he could have made that would be in that bag. Well folks, it was a kick A computer. It's a monster! I was kablasted with excitement and surprise. Brandon is a very sweet baby.:)

Oh, and just for fun he covered the computer box with industrial glue so the paper(and everything else) would stick to it.

Hooray for me finally having a computer!!!!! I've officially entered the 21st century!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I practically own Home Depot

So I've had many projects lately.I grew up in a very non "do it yourself" household. So learning how to do these little projects makes me very proud. :) Here's a peek...

An extra shoe shelf in my closet (I built it ALL by myself in one evening. It's level and everything:))

Knobs and drawer pulls in the kitchen. This is technically not "before," since I'd already put the first one in.

Align Center

My grandpa built this china hutch in the 70's and my mom gave it to me. This was my first experience with sanding and staining...blech.

You can't really tell, but it's a really cool mahogany color...

And finally, this was an antique cabinet I bought at a yard sale at Brandon's neighbor's house.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Other Ridiculously Amazing Happenings...

A Scareeeeeeeey Haunted House with Sara's roommates...I'm the orange one...
We have been going to Lumpy's downtown for the away Utah games. It's super fun- they have these giant screens up, and super comfy chairs to sit in. The food is awesome, and best of all- free Diet Cokes! I don't know why really, probably cause they think we're designated drivers, or maybe just cause it's cheap. Either way, guaranteed excellent times!

I got bored so I saturated this one. So this is apparently what we'd look like as oompa loompas. Or maybe Lindsay Lohan's tanning friends.

Utah home games!

The first time I've ever used a pattern for a pumpkin. Mine is on the left, Brandon's is on the right.
Now don't everyone comment at once-I don't know if my blog can handle the volume of comments I receive! PS I love you.