Friday, June 26, 2009

England/Norway #1

Ahhh the motherland...My dad, mom, Keaton, and I went to England and Norway for a little more than 2 weeks right after school got out. These are the pics of England, and I will put the Norway ones up later...there are a lot...We had a fabulous time spreading the Gelwix cheer to jolly ol' England...

Westminster Abbey
Buckingham Palace-changing of the guard
My family's favorite sporting goods store can get fantastic rugby memorabilia for super's right at Picadilly...go there....
Me slicing my dad...
Buckingham Palace
Oops, another changing of the guard pic...
Tower of London
An excellent pic i caught right as an old timer bus came fabulously next to the telephone booth...
Tower Bridge
Riding the tube

Sending Princess Di all the way to Brandon...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

School's Out!!!

Every end of the year is a great relief but this year was kind of sad because 2 of my favorite students ever moved away. I had Abby 2 years ago and her brother Anthony this year. If any of you have heard me talk about Unicorn Abby, that's her. They are by far the most creative and entertaining kids I've ever met...For the last two years they came in my class after school and drew stories and pictures on my white board. I'm going to miss their funny and inventive minds...but the white lining's summer!!!!
Look at her left hand with the glasses. She came into the room with them on her hand and moved her hand opened and closed like an animal talking with glasses...I cracked up:)
My poor empty was board game day on the last day...
This made me so sad. Abby has her favorite character "Tony the Pony" and she would always write about the adventures of Tony, his wife Lisa, and their kids. This is her last picture of the year and it's Tony and family walking into the sunset. Sad.

Monday, June 8, 2009

He's all grown up!

Keaton graduated from Skyline last Thursday. He's the last of us, and it was fun but kinda sad to see him finish and be soooooo old. Congrats to our Royal Teen Highness:)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More from Pittsburgh...

Brandon just recovered some files for me, so I thought I'd put something new up. These are more pics from our trip to Pittsburgh to see Highland play in the national championship. My brother Larry, his wifey Amy, and their two girls Lucy and Jane came from Chicago. It was a fun little family reunion of sorts...We had a great time cheering the team (and Keaton:)) on to victory!