Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sing Your Heart Out!

If any of you haven't been to the Dueling Piano's at the Tavernacle-you are missing out!Brandon and I have gone a few times, and it never gets old. There are 3 insanely talented performers who play the piano and sing songs that the audience requests (with money to entice a faster playing order) and the crowd sings along. It is so fun to sit back and sing along to your favorite songs you belt out in the car.

Brandon's brother Pat, Nate, and Christian gettin' cuh-razy!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our Sensual Year- In Review. Try to Control Yourselves...

***There's a lot here, so I'm just warning you...I think I put way more on here than I should have. Oh well...:)

My condo! I bought and moved into my condo at the beginning of 2007. It's teeny tiny, but perfect for me!

Brandon's 27th B-day! January 9th

Disneyland with Poopie! February

FIJI!!! March

High School Rugby Nationals! Highland beat their rivals, Jesuit, to win the Championship game. Way to go Keaton and Dad!!!

Sara looks like a muppet in this pic. :)

Four-wheeling weekend at Sand Hallow- Summer

My summer job requirements...had to be easy + in no way related to teaching= making snowcones at Bob's Brainfreeze. A pretty fun summer job I have to say...

Jackson Hole- July

My Brother,sister-in-law Amy, and niece Lucy came to visit from Chicago. Summer

San Francisco- July


Bear Lake-August

San Diego/Disneyland- August

Cute Grandma Hales' funeral- September

New York- Marathon Survivors!!! November

My 26th B-day at Porcupine! November 30

Disney World-December

Christmas Glee

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandon!

So every year Brandon's family has a timeshare at the Iron Blosam Lodge at Snowbird. We went up and slept over, then snowboarded to our hearts delight! My friend Catherine came straight from her child-rearing duties to conquer the mountain with us. The whole day was incredible, and the snow was awesome! What a day to welcome Brandon into the 28 club...Happy Birthday Beej!

Cath is so elegant!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Part 1

So I have more pictures to post but they are not in the computer yet, and my blog was getting old so I am putting what I have for now. We had a wonderful Christmas holiday with our families. For this post however I will share a small anecdote from my dear father...He wanted a blackberry phone and an Ipod (which is rare that he even mentioned that he wanted something because he never wants anything but "peace on earth" or "a clean house")so we decided to go big, pool our money, and get him an Iphone. So he opened his present from all of us on Christmas morning and you could tell he had no idea what he just opened. We all said "Dad, it's an Iphone!" to which he replied. "What is that?" Are you kidding me? He had never heard of it and had no idea what it was. So we had to explain the awesome-ness of his gift. The cutest thing about the whole gift was that he calls it his "Ipod phone". Oh my cute poppy strikes again:) Below is a pic of him pretending to eat his "Ipod phone".

My poopie and Emily

Brandon and Sara

And a Happy New Year from our smash faced puppy dogs!