Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poinsettia Bowl!

My dad took a group to the Poinsettia Bowl, and he got to take Sara and me along. Sweeeeeet! So we took a quick 2 day trip to San Diego and got to spend some quality Gelwix holiday cheer time together. Gelwix time+Utes' win=Excelllllllllent!

I bought those bows for Charly(Brandon's dog) but I think they are much more beautiful on my poopie. Very becoming!
We got to the stadium like 2 hours early, which explains oooooool the empty seats.

The Utes' first touchdown:) Number 81(Moeai) just caught the ball
Every first down my dad would do his over the top signal.

Some Cal fans lit a paper garbage can on fire. Excellent!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Most Glorious Day of the Year+The Happiest Place on Earth=Magical

Yay!!!! Birthday celebration in Disneyland!!! I signed up like a year ago for the free entry on your birthday, and boy was it princess-tastic! We went for 2 days and it was glorious. We barely had to wait in lines too, 5-10 minutes for most, 20 minutes for Space Mountain was the longest we waited. It was perfect weather, and the perfect day.:)

Birthday dinner at the Blue Bayou...(the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride).

Sara ate like 7 pounds of cotton candy- she looovvveeessss it!

Emily cried on this ride. She hates droppy rides, but we made her go on the Tower of Terror...She swears she didn't cry but I looked over and she was sobbing saying "I hate this!" It was pretty funny.:)
It's hard to tell which one of us is the princess...
Turkey legs for dinner one night...delicious!

Until we meet again Dizzzzlanzzzz...I miss you already...

An oldy but goody:)

To celebrate the 28th anniversary of my glorious arrival, we went to La Frontera for delicious cheap Mexican food, then went to see "New Moon," which was a total disappointment-in fact I would say I hated it. Buuuuttttt....we still had a grand ol' time.:)
My presents from my parents...

I got a messenger bag for traveling...I ordered it, then my mom paid me back and wrapped it for me.:)
Pink heels...excellent!Brandon told me a long time ago that he was making my birthday present and I wasn't allowed in his house because he was still working on it and it was out in the open. Turns out he totally tricked me. I didn't have a computer, and a while ago we were at Costco buying some random stuff and we went over to the computer section and started playing with computers and I was telling him what I liked and didn't like about the layout of certain computers(since I really don't have a clue when it comes to a computer's make up and capabilities). Turns out he did that on purpose, and he presented me with an orange leaf bag full of newspapers. I had no clue what he could have made that would be in that bag. Well folks, it was a kick A computer. It's a monster! I was kablasted with excitement and surprise. Brandon is a very sweet baby.:)

Oh, and just for fun he covered the computer box with industrial glue so the paper(and everything else) would stick to it.

Hooray for me finally having a computer!!!!! I've officially entered the 21st century!